Vicarious Living!

Man, getting older sucks. You have to go to work, pay bills, and raise kids! To be honest though, that last part’s actually not so bad. Even though being a parent is by far the most difficult task I’ve ever had to undertake, having kids has got to be the best part about getting older. It’s like you spend the better part of your twenties and early thirties trying to act like more of an adult, do more adult things, advance your career, blah blah blah.  Then you have a kid or two and all of the sudden it becomes acceptable to make fart noises again!

Seriously. I can be in line at the bank with my daughter quacking like a duck and people look at us like we’re a precious moments statue. If she wasn’t there and I were to start humming, people would look at me like I insane. Kids are a built in excuse to start having fun again. One of my favorite things to do now, is walk down the toy isle with my son. Remember how fun that was when you were a kid? To see a guy in his thirties hanging out in the toy section alone would be undoubtedly strange, but not when that guy’s accompanied by a two and a half year old. I have a built in excuse!

Star Wars? My son could care less. But that lady standing at the other end of the isle doesn’t know that! Marvel figures. DC figures. I love checking that stuff out! And sure my son will often times refer to Spider-Man as Super-Man… Rookie mistake, but could you imagine if Dad wasn’t there there to correct him? Then all of the sudden, there’s some thirty year old creeper in the toy isle looking at my son like he’s the one that’s in the wrong.

So sure I might be getting older, but by having a couple kids, I just bought myself 5 more years of fart noises and 10 good years in the toy isle! I love these kids!



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