Murder Bird

imageHowdy neighbors! I’m so happy to have been able to get this weeks strip out. I’m currently on vacation in Florida, so I really had to bust my hump to get this strip finished. Now the real test will be next week. Oy. I brought my pencil box and my sketch book so I’m hoping to be able to get next weeks strip penciled and then quickly ink and color on Tuesday night. Here’s hoping.
How’s my vacation going you ask? Well… Listen to this; absolutely true story, I kid you not last weeks strip featured a character getting shit on by a bird. I wrote a little blurb about the last time that happened to me. I think I was about eight or nine. Anyways, less than a week after drawing that… You guessed it… I got shit on by a bird. Here’s the proof!

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Mike Chudy
Creator of Strange-Neighbors