Hillside Special

So clearly I miss the smell of fresh popcorn when I walk into a department store today. I know there’s snack bars and Starbucks but it just doesn’t hit me like it used to. When I was a kid my Dad used to take my sister and I to a local department store that shall remain nameless. (Can I be sued by a defunct corporate entity from the late 80’s for referencing their likeness in a comic strip?) …God I hope not. And there goes any plausible deniability.

But I digress. My Dad used to take us to …Hillside dept. store, and there was always the hope that I would walk out with a new action figure after playing 3 or 4 rounds of Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis behind the plexiglass box. Add to that the smell of hot buttered popcorn and roller dogs, and you got yourself a bonafide good time!

-Stay Weird.

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Mike Chudy
Creator of Strange-Neighbors