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Howdy Neighbors! Sorry I missed last week. I’m in the middle of erecting a fence. ..huh, huh… fence. Sorry, that was stupid. Anyway, I’ve been busy. Went to my first comic convention! The Niagara Falls Comic Con was pretty cool, got to see some great artists, Jake the friggin’ Snake Roberts! Plus I handed out some flyers. If you found yourself here because of one of those flyers, please leave me a comment. I’m really interested to see if those worked at all, Ha! I Had a good time regardless.

-Stay Weird.


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Kelly Pasquillo

I’ve had some strange neighbor’s ‘ but yours cook the goose.. you must of had some special experiences. My neighbor once barrowed my lawnmower without permission *can u imagine.(I’m sure you can)I returned his grass clippings ..let’s jus say he had grass in his ass for a sometime..I dumped them in his be funny to see in comic form. Bye


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