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GMO Taco

Howdy Neighbors! Sorry I missed last week. I’m in the middle of erecting a fence. ..huh, huh… fence. Sorry, that was stupid. Anyway, I’ve been busy. Went to my first comic convention! The Niagara Falls Comic Con was pretty cool, got to see some great artists, Jake the friggin’ Snake Roberts! Plus I handed out… Read more »

The Eldest Youth

As I sketch these out I continuously re-read and make small edits to the dialog. With this one I kept thinking:” Man, I’m… a friggin NERD.” Ha! Well, stay cool! no wait… -Stay Weird.

Skin Tight

So, I’ve never quite understood the “Skinny Jean” phenomenon. Now I’ll be the first to admit that my fat ass may have something to do with my complete rejection of this modern trend. Of course I grew up in an era where the larger your jeans were, the better. Rocking a gigantic pair of Jnco jeans… Read more »

Hair Plugs

Let me start by saying, I love my wife more than anyone in the world! However, it amazes me that year after year, she continues to walk around with a full head of hair. The amount of hair that this woman looses on a daily basis is astounding! I’m seriously considering opening a wig company… Read more »

One Small Step

When I was a kid, about eight or nine, I was walking barefoot from my grandparents house to the Public Pool around the corner. I wasn’t 500 yards from the pool when I felt a strange sensation between my toes. I looked down and to my horror, I had stepped in the largest pile of… Read more »

No Offense

Hey, it’s just a comic strip… don’t be offended! Love you guys! Spread the word about Strange-Neighbors! I don’t know if anyone’s paying any attention, but I’m starting to see some improvements from strip to strip. I would love to hear what you guys think. Feedback has been… minimal, to say the least. I’m not… Read more »

Ladies I Have Loved

I think every little kid has been in love with a cartoon character at some point in their life am I right? I was born a lover! I was easy. If someone slapped a bow on a rats head I was moderately to severely attracted to her. So come on, I know I left out… Read more »


Based on a true event!  Yes, I recently purchased some Lucky Brand boxers from TJ Maxx only to find out that the crotch hole was non-existent. Now I know what you’re asking yourself…”Boxers or Briefs?” Well, In an effort to avoid complete transparency I’ll plead the 5th. I’ll never talk! My lips are sealed! I’ll take… Read more »

Hillside Special

So clearly I miss the smell of fresh popcorn when I walk into a department store today. I know there’s snack bars and Starbucks but it just doesn’t hit me like it used to. When I was a kid my Dad used to take my sister and I to a local department store that shall… Read more »