One Month Down!

Hey Thanks to everybody whose been stopping by the site each week to check out the comic! It’s been a great first month and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback… I’ve also gotten some “constructive” criticism as well. You would not believe the amount of people that start coming up to you telling you how their comic strip ideas would be way funnier, and how you should let them write the scripts for you. Ha! I literally had 5 people pitching me ideas after I posted my first strip! I love it! But just to lay that notion to rest, I’ll be doing all the writing myself, but I do look forward to reading your much funnier comic strip when you get around to making it. Keep me posted!

So far this has been a super fun experiment, and seriously, I do welcome any type of feedback. In fact, I really look forward to it. (so leave a comment!) It’s cool to see how many people have been visiting the site on a weekly basis. Like I said before, this is really just a bit of a fun little test for myself but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing this thing grow. Any little bit of help on spreading the word about Strange-Neighbors is greatly appreciated. You can help out by sharing or liking a facebook post, or retweeting!  You can follow Strange-Neighbors on facebook and twitter.

Thanks again to everybody for great first month! Keep coming back, spread the word and stay weird! 

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