Ten Million Strong…

IMG_1594So I’ve always been a health conscious individual…give or take the last ten years or so.  Anyways, everyday morning before I leave for work, I pound about 4 vitamins. You got your Men’s daily something or other, some fish oil…I got a vitamin D in there and for one reason or another a B12 has worked it’s way into the mix.

Point is… They don’t work. Ha! No, the point is every morning my son bugs me to take one of my vitamins. “Daddy can I have one of your Vi-mins? “Daddy I wanna Vi-Min.I told him “No buddy, these are Big Boy Vitamins. But as anyone with kids will tell you, that type of line will only keep a kid at bay for so long, if at all.

One Month Down!

Hey Thanks to everybody whose been stopping by the site each week to check out the comic! It’s been a great first month and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback… I’ve also gotten some “constructive” criticism as well. You would not believe the amount of people that start coming up to you telling you how their comic strip ideas would be way funnier, and how you should let them write the scripts for you. Ha! I literally had 5 people pitching me ideas after I posted my first strip! I love it!

Yea for Mondays!

imageAlright! Monday! It’s finally here! I can’t remember the last time I was excited about a Monday. But this week is different. This month is different! I’m talking about the X-Files baby! This show has been a huge part of my life growing up, and you may have noticed that it’s played a major factor in my theme choice for this comic strip. True to my word, I’ve stocked up on Hot Fries and Strawberry Kiwi

The X-Lax Files

X-Lax-FilesOk, stand back! I’m about to unleash my inner-nerd! This could get messy. Allow me to gush for a minute or two here.

The X-Files, My all time favorite show, is back on TV! I can’t believe it! When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for Friday nights. Cheese Pizza, Hot Fries, Strawberry Kiwi Snapple, and the X-Files! Sound like a recipe for disaster? More like a recipe for diarrhea… even so, it was by far the best night of the week! Another week of Junior High School in the books and the weekend was just getting starting. I look back on these days fondly to say the least.

Vicarious Living!

Man, getting older sucks. You have to go to work, pay bills, and raise kids! To be honest though, that last part’s actually not so bad. Even though being a parent is by far the most difficult task I’ve ever had to undertake, having kids has got to be the best part about getting older. It’s like you spend the better part of your twenties and early thirties trying to act like more of an adult, do more

Gee Thanks!

Howdy Neighbors!

case_strange-neighborsI just wanted to say a quick Thank You to everybody who’s been checking out the site these first three weeks. I know there’s not a whole bunch to see at the moment but hey, you gotta start somewhere. I’m not going to really

New Comic Wednesday!

Howdy Neighbors,

tomorrow is Wednesday. Middle of the week. Far enough away from Monday, but not quite close enough to quittin’ time on Friday. But never fear! because Wednesday means a new Strange-Neighbors strip!

Thanks to

Strangetown USA

Well, it’s official! strange-neighbors.com is up and running. I thought it would be memorable to set it live on the first day of the new year. So here we go. I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way but the journey starts here. I hope you enjoyed the first strip… all five of you. Ha! But seriously, if you’ve made it

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Howdy Neighbors,

This is my first post. I’ve been working hard on building the foundation of this Strangetown. (Not even quite sure of the name of yet.) I’m currently working on building the website. That’s right, this very website you’re visiting right now! I want to thank you for stopping by. (Tell a friend. Tell all your friends!  Tell all your friends to tell all their friends! hahaha.)